• Congratulations to all the Student Citizen's of 2018! We are so proud to present to you this year's winners from Castro Valley and Eden Area.

  • Student Biographies


    Netzali Can – Arroyo High School

    Since I was a child, my family has been a model for what I value and what I do. My parents are hardworking and intelligent. They both have careers in which they are directly involved in their communities working with at risk-youth. Without them, I would not have the mindset and goals that I do. Last summer I had the opportunity to be a part of the FACES for the Future Summer Medical Academy.  My experiences there gave me a look into possible careers and options I could have if I pursued a career in medicine. I also gained insight into my own areas of weakness, which gave me a perspective and maturity I did not have before. While in the program, I had the opportunity to visit the George Mark Children’s House, where I now volunteer once a week as a Family and Patient Volunteer. The time I spend at George Mark has been humbling. I am amazed at the dedication of the staff there and at the strength the patients show.  I enjoy the challenge of coming up with activities to do with patients that best suit them and collaborating with other volunteers and staff to keep the kids safe and happy. This summer I am excited about my admission into the CHORI Summer Student Research Program, where I will carry out a full-time research project alongside a mentor. I have been interested in medical research and am looking forward to seeing if this is a career path that suits me. I am grateful for the encouragement and support that my family, my peers in school and on sports teams, coaches, and teachers have given me. They have helped me develop a strong work ethic and a desire to take advantage of opportunities that come my way.  I feel that what I have been able to do so far with my time has brought me closer to the person I want to be, and what I hope to accomplish. My goal is to help provide resources to my community, not just here in San Lorenzo, but in the town in Guatemala where my family lives, and in places where youth do not have access to adequate health care and education. Using the lessons from my experiences, I hope to bring positive changes.    


    Bay Elementary – Lauren Aguilar

    Laurent Aguilar is an academically successful 5th-grade student at Bay Elementary School. She is an avid reader, great speaker, and quite worldly for such a young lady. She is part of our school's leadership team, composting and recycling team, and lunch helper team. Lauren has shared her lunchtimes in Special Day Class with students, and other times she has helped out where needed with lower grade students, including reading to them and using Toolbox to support children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social, and academic success. Lauren is trustworthy, friendly, and kind to everyone she meets. She believes it is important to be a good person, find good people to be around, and is mindful of making quality friends. Lauren is an old soul who has self-discipline and integrity, and on her downtime, is interested in the coastal and environmental cleanups. Lauren also has responsibilities at home along with helping tend to several animals. Lauren has a good relationship with both of her parents, and they have definitely guided her into being the person she is today.  Her teachers at Bay are proud of her successes and honored to be a part of Lauren's educational career. These are only a few reasons why Lauren has been chosen as this year's 2017-2018 Outstanding Student Citizen of the Year.


    Hannah Frazee - Canyon Middle School

    Hannah Frazee, an outstanding Canyon Condor, SOARs in everything she does.  Her empathy and thoughtfulness help to create safe environments for other students in her classes and clubs.  She is organized and practices determination to succeed both in school and in sports.  Hannah sets high standards for herself, as she wants to achieve her goals of being a leader who inspires people to achieve and reach goals that may at first seem unattainable, and make a positive contribution to her school, her church, her community, and society as a whole through the clubs and classes she is involved with.  She is always kind, gracious, and respectful, working to empower herself and give others a voice so they can succeed.  We are so proud to honor Hannah Frazee as Canyon Middle School’s Student Citizen of the Year!


    Castro Valley Adult School – Sean Chappell

    Sean Chappell is an exceptional student in Castro Valley Adult & Career Education’s Strides program for adults with special needs. He is always kind to others, compassionate and respectful. He is highly conscientious in his new part-time paid job at Direct Sales Carpet One in Castro Valley. He learned his job duties quickly and learned how to get to work on his own. Although he has some physical challenges, he never lets them get in the way of doing the tasks asked of him. He shows determination and perseverance, doing all he can to get the job done. He is highly dependable and responsible, has very good attendance, and demonstrates enthusiasm both in school and on the job. At school, he always greets staff and fellow students warmly, never complains or gossips, is respectful to all, and will defend others when someone else is being unkind. He sets an excellent example for others in his compassion, positivity, hard work, kindness and helpfulness. CVACE is thrilled to elect Sean for this year’s Student of the Year Award.


    Nancy Onorad – Castro Valley Elementary

    Nancy has been a tremendous part of Castro Valley Elementary.  She has been an active member of student council for several years. This year she was elected Student Body President. She helps plan of our spirit days, helps lead our Friday morning assemblies, and encourages other students to be actively involved. In addition to student council, Nancy has been a member of our track team, basketball academy, football club and spirit squad. You can often see her running around participating in different sports, and during the District track meet you could always hear Nancy’s loud enthusiastic cheers rooting on all the athletes.

    In addition to extra curricular activities, she is a hard working student that attacks all assignments with enthusiasm and a positive spirit. Her writing has an incredible spirit and voice that rings with her personality. She is an incredible reader, and a huge Harry Potter fan. Add to all of this – she helps out with her 3 year-old brother. She worked all summer encouraging him to talk, ask questions, and share her love for books.

    Nancy does many things to make the world around her a better place, and we are proud to say that Nancy is a CVE Bear.


    Castro Valley high School - Madeline Thompson

    Maddy Thompson is a senior at CVHS and is our current ASB President. Maddy has made a tremendous impact on CVHS, and her legacy will be felt for many years to come. In her previous years in leadership she held the roles of Sophomore Class Secretary and was an incredible asset as the Junior Class Vice-President. Maddy is described by her peers as kind, loving, and hard working. This year as our ASB President she has been an incredible leader. She brought therapy dogs to campus during finals week as a stress reliever for students. She is a strong student advocate and worked with our Nutritional Staff to bring back cookies, pretzels, and muffins, which the students adore. She was instrumental in running our anti-drinking and driving campaign this year which was incredibly impactful for the entire campus. Maddy is an incredibly mature, kind and loving person who is always looking out for those who don't feel they have a voice and truly cares about every student at CVHS. CVHS will miss her dearly next year when Maddy plans to attend U.C. Davis majoring in Political Science.


    Chabot Elementary – Addison Medcalf

    Addison has participated in many school activities which help the community:  She has been a Rainy Day Ranger, which involves watching the younger children in their classrooms when they cannot go out for recess,  has worked on the Green Team , which helps the recycling effort at school, helps with Yearbook, and had a double cast role in the school musical.  Addidson has shown herself to be a leader in the classroom by guiding her table group, helping the teacher with tasks and being a good role model.  As part of the greater community, Addison plays basketball and soccer and still finds time to make blankets for foster babies.  At home, Addison gave up her room for her Gandpa and participates in her family's community service activities by face painting and helping kids decorate cookies at parties for foster children.  Addison embodies Paw POWER and is a hard working, responsible student who represents the Chabot community very well.


    Cherryland Elementary – Juan Orea

    Juan Orea is a 6th grader at Cherryland Elementary School. He is a first-generation, Latino student who truly exemplifies engaged citizenship with grace and humility. He has natural leadership abilities, which he effortlessly shares with his peers through his social consciousness and love of service. His work ethic places emphasis on his creativity and respect for self and others. He shines in his roles as an avid church volunteer, conflict manager, and kinder buddy. In his free time, Juan could be found supporting his school through the Padres Unidos Organization, playing basketball with his friends, or sitting in on one of his sister's college courses at the University of California Berkeley. I'm certain his focus will continue to carry him to great heights as works to uplift others.       


    Alessandra Rojo Frias – Coloniel Acres

    Alessandra is a great candidate for the Student Citizen of the Year. She has grown so much while at Colonial Acres. This school year, she has taken on a school wide leadership role by becoming a Peacemaker. She has been working other peacemakers to help students independently resolve issues on the playground by encouraging students to speak up about their feelings and taking responsibility for their actions. She is very self-aware and this helps her to keep her composure when an issue arises and she is able to take a step back and find a solution that addresses the needs of all parties involved. She continues to grow academically, improving her performance in all of her studies. In class, she is always ready to volunteer, help her peers understand the material, and model positive behaviors in the class. Alessandra is a great student, kind classmate, and genuinely good human being!


    Creekside Middle School - Wandii Muinde

    Wandii Muinde embodies the characteristics of self-discipline, scholastic achievement, leadership, and community service. She is the student who our school secretary, who normally does not nominate students for this award, wanted to nominate. Since she was a 6th grader, Wandii has stood out as a mature, intelligent, kind, and giving young lady. During her 7th grade year, Wandii decided to do a fundraiser to help abused children. She collected over 200 toys and books that she donated to a Bay Area organization. As an 8th grader, she led another fundraiser. This time, the over 300 clothing and toiletry items that she collected, helped the victims of the Sonoma Fire.

    Wandii has also maintained a 4.0 GPA all 3 years at Creekside. She has received multiple school awards and acknowledgments including: Student of the Quarter, runner up for the Teck Trek Science Scholarship, Outstanding Scholar in English, and acknowledged at a Castro Valley Unified School District Board Meeting as an exceptional student. She is one of our Leadership class students who participates in various ways throughout campus to beautify and help create a sense of community amongst the students.

    Wandii has a sweet and polite demeanor and normally has a smile on her face, but don’t be fooled. She is driven to succeed at whatever she dedicates her time to. She is a dancer, an artist, a musician, and loves science. At this point in her life, she plans to be a research scientist in biology, working with living organisms to help prevent illnesses and diseases; however, she is open to change as she moves on to high school.

    Wandii believes that,” If you make looking calm on the outside a habit, you will start to feel calm on the inside.” It is with great pride and excitement that Creekside has chosen Wandii Muinde as Student Citizen of the Year.


    Independent Elementary - Hailey Young

     Hailey is a 5th grade student at Independent who is active in our SOAR ambassadors program (a conflict manager program), and the track team. She is inciteful and reflective, acknowledging the growth the has made and the support she receives from her parents and teachers. Hailey wishes to use the challenges she has overcome and her resilience to inspire other students through difficult times and to achieve their best.


    Dominic Hodges – Marshall Elementary

    Dominic Hodges is a 5th grader at Marshall Elementary School who is a natural leader, student and athlete.  Dominic's humble and cheerful attitude allows him to easily inspire his classmates to put forth their best effort both in and out of the classroom.  Dominic is very involved in Marshall activities, he participates on the "Stu Crew" our Student Council, is an avid performer in our annual plays, this year's performance was Willie Wonka and runs track for the Marshall Mustangs.   Dominic enjoys playing sports, especially Soccer and Basketball, and speaks fondly of helping his Grandmother who resides with his family. Basketball is Dominic’s favorite sport because it involves both team work as well as individual skills. Dominic's favorite subject in school is PE and Math because PE helps him get his excess energy out so he can focus in school.  He enjoys Math because it challenges his brain and he loves getting the right answer. Dominic is an outgoing student who strives to be a good citizen and do things to help make his community a good one as well. We are proud of Dominic Hodges and are honored to have him represent Marshall this year as our Student Citizen of the Year.


    Our Lady of Grace - Nicholas Hoo

    Our Lady of Grace Catholic School is thrilled to have Nicholas Hoo be our recipient of the annual Chamber of Commerce award for students. Nick has been a student at OLG since kindergarten and attributes the many awards and honors he has received to his insatiable hunger for learning coupled with the dedication and love of his OLG teachers. He won last year’s spelling bee, received a first place award for his poetry submission to the Oakland Diocesan Young Author’s Faire and he earned a seat in the top eight at last year’s Diocesan Science Fair. Nick has been accepted with honors to Bishop O’Dowd High School for the coming school year. He is on the Student Council, is a Star Scout only two ranks below Eagle Scout and he has a Brown Belt – Red Stripe only three belts away from First Degree Black Belt. His service to the community includes retiring American Flags at the Castro Valley Community Center, participating in our annual food drive and installing benches and planter boxes at local high schools. At home his responsibilities include walking the family dog, fixing his bed and bedroom and folding laundry and sometimes taking out the garbage. Nick knows the value of being kind and helpful and we are please he won the Chamber award from Our Lady of Grace.




    Palomares Elementary - Elliot Simon

    Elliot is a responsible, respectful, kind, polite and focused student. Every day he exemplifies the character traits that we embrace as a school and a district. Elliot models what it means to be a leader and is an example to those around him. He is not afraid to say something if he sees something that is not right. Most recently, he stood up for a classmate who was being called a name and invited him to sit with him at lunch. In class, he is caring towards his classmates, and is will always lend a helping hand.

    Elliot has participated and excelled in a number of activities at Palomares and in our community.  He has been a member of student council, serves as a buddy to a first grader, plays the trumpet in our school band and is learning Hebrew at his synagogue.

    Elliot is a well-rounded student who in his own words said, “Even though I still have flaws, I still try to be the best I can be by working hard, being mature, being responsible and being an example.”  Elliot truly exemplifies what a Palomares student is and what we strive for and hope all our students become. He is a bright, mature, wonderfully gifted, and caring student. We are so proud of him and join his family in celebrating Elliot as our Student Citizen of the Year.


    Amelia Caistor - Proctor Elementary

    Proctor Elementary School is proud to recognize Amelia Caistor as Student Citizen of the Year. Amelia is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Artin’s class and is our Student Council president for the Spring term.   Amelia demonstrates her Proctor PRIDE everyday.  Amelia unerstands the importance of being able to self-advocate for herself.  She knows first hand that not everything comes easy, but when she asks for help and gets support she is able to reach her goals. Amelia is incredibly kind, not only to her friends but to all students on campus.  Amelia always has a smile to share and positive words of encouragement and support.  She is someone you can count on to follow through and help out.  Amelia wants everyone to feel welcomed here at Proctor. Amelia has come to see herself as a leader.  Being in Student Council for two years has taught her a lot about being a role-model and she has become more confident. Some people might describe her as passionate, fierce, confident, and determined. Once she sets my mind to something, she will aspire to do it.   Amelia loves to help her teachers.  Every Friday, at snack recess, she helps her teacher file papers or put forms into mailboxes. She loves contributing to her school by participating in schoolwide and PTA events and showing her school spirit! Amelia has grown over the past  5 years at Proctor, not only as a learner, but as a person too. She has learned about being kind and about being a good friend.  She has been a Girl Scout for 5 years and likes helping the community.  Last year, she sold 1,000 boxes of Girl scout cookies. The prize was an American Girl Doll. But, because she already had an American girl Doll, decided to donate it  to the Children's’ Hospital in Oakland. She is also working on a project to help a local Homeless Shelter in Castro Valley by making blankets and Care Kits. Amelia enjoys playing clarinet, writing, dancing, singing or cooking. She also participates in gymnastics, soccer, track and field in the fall, Girl Scouts.  Amelia beleives it is important to have a balance between sports, extracurricular activities and school, and she always make sure school work and homework comes first. Amelia always dream big.. One of her goals is to either be a Neuroscientist or a biologist and she wants to inspire other girls to get into the science field when they are older


    Redwood Christian Elementary – Nathan Shinoda

    Nathan is an outstanding student, a hard-worker, a kind friend, and a leader among our class. Here is a glimpse into Nathan from his perspective: I was born August 9th, 2006 and I have two little brothers and a dog. I love soccer, baseball, basketball and pretty much anything with a ball. Both of my parents are educators and we often host foreign exchange students. This past year I had the chance to be co-president for our school’s leadership team. As a team, we organized a bake sale to help raise money for those who lost so much in the Napa area fires. I also enjoy camping, biking, swimming, watersports, hiking, art, snorkeling, paintballing, and a few video games (when I’m not in school). There is definitely more to what makes Nathan an outstanding student and citizen. As his parents explain: Nathan enjoys life, trying new things, keeping a positive attitude and choosing to be grateful. Sometimes his compassion has produced tears as he prays for unsaved family members and wishes for more joy in others’ lives. One of his God-given abilities is leadership, which he does with integrity and compassion. This makes him trustworthy and likeable. As parents, it makes us proud to see him do the right thing, even when he thinks no one is looking. Through the years, we at Redwood have watched Nathan win numerous awards for outstanding service, leadership, as well as academics. Recently Nathan was chosen team captain of our 5th/6th grade basketball team and was selected as a speech meet finalist. Besides playing sports, he also participates in service projects by preparing food packets to be sent to famine stricken areas. Nathan is a natural leader both inside and outside of the classroom, whose heart for the Lord helps him lead with compassion towards those who are less fortunate. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing student.


    Redwood Christian High School - Katherine Geronimo

    The Redwood Christian High School Student Citizen of the year is Katherine Geronimo.  Katherine is a senior, our student body President and Interact Club President. She has maintained a 3.96 GPA taking multiple Advanced Placement and Honors classes.  She also is active on our sports teams earning various awards including Most Inspirational, Most Dedicated, Most Valuable and Captain on her Cross County, Tennis, Soccer, Track and Softball teams.  She has performed in the choir for two years and for two years she has been involved in our Christian Ministry teams serving within the community once a month and traveling to the Najavo Nation to help build homes and put on a carnival and children’s day camp. She is a piano teacher and has worked the last two summers for our school helping with painting, carpet cleaning, room changes, etc.  She is a dedicated babysitter and at her church she serves within the children’s ministries and helps lead worship for K-5th grade.  She also serves in our worship band at school every Wednesday.  Katherine serves both the community and the school in so many ways.  She has a heart that is compassionate and has a heart that desires to see the need as well as meet it.  It’s amazing how well Katherine has juggled all her commitments with detail and organization this year.  We are really proud of her hard work and her heart to serve those around her.  She has made a tremendous impact on our campus and I know will continue to impact the world around her. 


    Redwood Christian Middle School - Theo Clausen

    The Redwood Christian Middle School Student Citizen of the year is Theo Clausen.  Theo is a remarkable young man.  He is diligent with his studies and maintains a high GPA.  He has been on class councils, on the leadership team and active in helping with class socials.  He is an ambassador on campus and a first impressions leader for prospective families or visitors.  Theo is also a go-to helper for teachers and substitutes in the classroom.  Miss McGrath states, “Theo is honest, works hard and works with integrity.  His character and willingness to serve in any capacity asked of him is a blessing to our entire campus. We are so proud of him.”  He is active on sports teams both at school and for the city of Castro Valley… including baseball and soccer.  He participates in Drama and was a part of yearbook.  Within the community, he serves through the campus leadership team with day clean-up activities; serves at his church within their youth group, and even walks dogs for the neighbors.  He is an outstanding young man and his involvement and leadership impacts our campus in so many positive ways. 


    Redwood High School – Jonathan Maciel

    Redwood High School is proud to honor Jonathan Maciel as our Citizen of the Year.  Jonathan is a kind and respectful presence on Redwood’s campus who truly set a high standard as an exemplary person and student.  He gets along with all students and staff members, from classrooms to the office staff to the counselor.  Due to his integrity and reliability, he was chosen as the school’s only office aid.  Even more than his respectful and polite demeanor, Jonathan is admired by staff for his incredible work ethic.   Jonathan works almost every day at lunch and sometimes after school to get extra help in classes based on his own self-assessment of areas in which he needs support.   Jonathan is also tenacious about completing work to a level of quality that reflects his abilities and potential.  In addition to doing academic work every day, he has been Redwood High School’s most dedicated after school Garden Club member.  He attended every day after school for the entire first half of the school year with great determination and hard work, creating a lasting impact on the Redwood High School garden. 

    All of Jonathan’s hard work and dedication to being both an excellent student and person are deeply appreciated by the students and staff at Redwood.  As a clear reflection of his work ethic, Jonathan graduated and earned his diploma one semester early.  As he moves forward to postsecondary education and career, we are confident Jonathan will continue his outstanding citizenship and continue to contribute positively just as he did at Redwood. 



    San Lorenzo high school – Mariela Gonzalez

    Mariela Gonzalez is recognized by her San Lorenzo High School community as being philanthropic, patient, and passionate in all that she does. With an unweighted GPA of 3.68 and having taken 5 Advanced Placement classes during her junior and senior year, Mariela exceeds all academic expectations as she pursues her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. As a first generation Latina with talent and drive, she is diligent in pursuing higher education while being heavily involved in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and athletics, including Cross Country, Track and Field, and Varsity Soccer. It is evident that Mariela is selfless and a natural born leader, mentoring underclassmen as a Link Crew leader and dedicating innumerable hours serving her greater community as Key Club President. Mariela embodies altruism and maturity which is a reflection of her loving and caring family. We at San Lorenzo High School are enthusiastic to see Mariela go to college and we celebrate her success with her.


    Stanton Elementary – Sophia Mandish

          "Sophia is an amazing student. She has so many great qualities about her that are admirable academically as well as socially. She always comes to school with a bright smile and ready to learn. She has been one of the best assets to our classroom. Academically Sophia attains high marks in all academic areas. She is constantly found going above and beyond the expectations. She is consistent in asking probing questions to clarify things she may not understand.  Sophia is a leader and mentor to her peers. She has served as a peacemaker and a member of student council. She is willing and able to step in to support others who may not understand in a soft, loving, caring way. Sophia is inclusive of others and expects those around her to do the same. She is often found asking others she sees left out to play. She is loved by all of her peers and if problems arise has mastered the skill of conflict resolution. She is never afraid to admit a mistake because she understands the power of learning from them.  Outside of school Sophia's shines just as bright! This would include activities such as being a member of Girl Scouts, where she has the opportunity to volunteer at the Alameda County Food Bank. She also volunteers for Faith Lutheran Church where they donate food and much needed items to the less fortunate. Sophia enjoys playing volleyball, English Horseback Riding, and helping out home by cleaning house and working in their family garden. It is a definite privilege and honor to have taught and learned from such an amazing girl. We are so happy to name her Stanton's Student Citizen of the Year!"


    Washington manor Middle School – Emily Nguyen

    As the ASB President she is asked to sit on many adult committees representing the voice of the student body. She is very mature in her conduct and specifically in her decision making. She was a major competent in our Middle School task force which met to determine the change in the middle school structure this next school year. Emily is not only a leadership force to be reckoned with; she is also an academic athlete.  Her academic achievement shows her ability for higher level thinking. Her organization skills keep her and me in a calm place.  Along with her academic achievement she is also an athlete on our Volleyball team. Emily is a well-rounded student who is respected by her peers and adored by her staff.  I am lucky to have met Emily in my first year at Washington Manor Middle School.  She has helped ease my transition and establishment as the new Director of Activities.

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